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IPL Photofacial (Intense Pulsed Light)

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Skin Revitalization with Icon Aesthetic System

Transforming your skin is easy with the IPL Photofacial, also called photorejuvenation. This non-invasive treatment is ideal for skin care concerns ranging from redness and rosacea to broken capillaries to age spots, sun spots, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation.


The pleasures and stresses of life take their toll and cause our skin to look older, with sun exposure being the major culprit of skin damage. The actual conditions that develop are often a complex of changes in the small blood vessels (called “telangiectasias”) and the appearance of spots and blemishes of pigment. A remarkable technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL™) can treat these developments with a very special flash of light. 

IPL Photofacial Procedure

IPL is a broadband light (not a laser) used to deliver a series of gentle pulses of light to the skin causing collagen and blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing redness and brown spots. Specific settings are selected for each treatment for optimal results. A series of three to five treatments are performed at three to four-week intervals. The benefits of IPL Photofacial Treatments are consistent, visible improvement in the skin with minimal downtime, little discomfort, and minimal risk. With Photofacial treatments, the embarrassing redness and flushing of rosacea can be greatly reduced and sun damaged, discolored skin can be dramatically improved.

IPL Photofacial Features & Benefits

  • Reduces skin discoloration, pigmentation, age spots, sun spots
  • Improves rosacea and broken capillaries
  • Minimal discomfort, thanks to cooling of the skin during treatment
  • Minimal downtime
  • Decreased redness
  • Reduces pore size
  • Smoother skin and more even skin tone
  • Results often visible after one or two treatments

IPL Photofacial Faq

  • Am I a good candidate for an IPL Photofacial?

    Ideal candidates have realistic expectations for the procedure, are in good medical health, and are aware of the risks involved, and are looking for a non-surgical solution to improving redness, rosacea, broken capillaries, age spots, sun spots, discoloration, and/or hyperpigmentation. The only way to know for sure if IPL Photofacial treatment is right for you is to schedule a consultation.

  • What can IPL Photofacial treat?

    An IPL Photofacial can treat: sun-damaged skin, enlarged pores, rosacea, age spots (sun-induced freckles), most benign brown pigments, dilated blood vessels, and redness caused by broken capillaries (telangiectasia).

  • Does IPL Photofacial hurt?

    The treatment causes only minimal discomfort. Patients often say it feels similar to the snap of a rubber band. Slight redness or localized swelling can occasionally occur, but this usually subsides within the few days after treatment.

  • How many IPL Photofacial sessions are required?

    Typically, patients will see results in 1 – 4 treatments, though this number will vary based upon skin tone, skin condition, and several other factors. Your laser technician will talk to you about variables that may affect your individual results.

  • What can I expect after IPL Photofacial treatment?

    Treated skin area may appear red or irritated for a few days after treatment. It is also important to keep it out of direct sun exposure for a few weeks. Typically, you may resume your daily activities immediately following the treatment session.

  • How much does IPL Photofacial treatment cost?

    Pricing varies based on body and skin types along with combined procedures performed. Please call or schedule a consultation for more information.

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