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Chin Enhancement

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Whether you choose temporary injectables, or a more permanent implant, our top-notch chin enhancement procedures are sure to deliver the prominent, balanced facial features you desire. Improvements on a recessed chin (chin augmentation) can be important to consider when restoring a more youthful face. Augmentation can be performed as a solo procedure, or pair especially well when performing other surgeries to the face such as rhinoplasty, cheek enhancement, neck lift, and/or face lift.

Chin Enhancement Procedures

There are many different ways to achieve symmetry of the chin area, including:

Chin Augmentation - Chin Implants

A small incision is made on the inside of the mouth or underneath the chin, in addition to creating a small pocket above the chin bone and the below the chin muscle. A customized implant is then inserted into the pocket. This can also be completed through an incision made inside the mouth through which a portion of the chin bone is moved slightly forward and secured into place. After surgery, the chin may be taped to hold the implant in place until it is healed firmly in its new position.

Injectable Chin Enhancements

We offer facial injectables and fillers as a simpler, temporary alternative to surgery. This also allows you to evaluate the appearance of an augmented chin before committing to permanent implants. By injecting in just the right location, we can help you reach your desired look. Chin injectables pair excellent with cheek injectable fillers as well.

Facial Fat Transfer for Chin Improvement

Structural fat transfer (fat grafting), as much as possible, to enhance facial features. In many cases, the need for a solid implant can be eliminated by the careful and meticulous grafting of a patient’s own fat. Learn more about fat transfer.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

Following chin implant surgery, you may experience some pain, swelling and bruising. Your stitches will be removed within about a week. If the incision was made through the mouth, then the patient may experience soreness and difficulty chewing, in which case soft food may be recommended, and stitches will dissolve on their own. The total recovery time may take up to 3 to 4 months, in which after that all numbness and restrictions should fade. Most patients can return to work after 1 week. Patients who receive injectable or fat transfer chin improvements may experience swelling, soreness, numbness, and redness for the first 24-48 hours.

Chin Enhancement Faq

  • Am I a good candidate for a chin enhancement procedure?

    Ideal candidates have realistic expectations for procedure, are in good medical health, can commit to proper recovery time, and are wanting to correct a receding chin, underdeveloped chin, improving profile, and improve jawline.

  • Are chin implants easily removed?

    Yes, chin implants can be removed easily, can be more challenging depending on which type of implant was used. The larger and more ridged implant can be the most difficult, while smaller more flexible implants can easily be taken out.

    We offer facial injectables and fillers as a simpler, temporary alternative to surgery. This also allows you to evaluate the appearance of an augmented chin before committing to permanent implants.

  • Will a chin impant feel real?

    A properly placed chin implant will look and feel natural as they can be made of a rubberized solid silicone, or other semi-solid or porous silicone. When placed underneath skin, fat, and muscle, they should feel like bone.

  • How much does a chin enhancement procedure cost?

    Pricing varies based on body and skin types along with combined procedures performed. Please call or schedule a consultation for more information.

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