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Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement surgery can result in a beautifully contoured bustline and natural appearance. The key is to enhance the patient’s natural beauty, accentuating what they already have in order to achieve their cosmetic breast enhancement goals. Breast augmentation typically involves the placing of implants under, over, or partially under the chest muscle to bring a more balanced and proportionate look to the body frame. However, some patients may opt for natural breast augmentation using fat transfer – a method which uses the patient’s own tissue from an area that has excess fatty deposits, like the abdomen. Fat transfer can be combined with implants or used to augment the breasts on its own.



Types of Breast Implants

Breast implants are filled with either a saline solution or silicone gel. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed that patients must be at least 18 years old to receive saline implants, and at least 22 for silicone implants. Because they are filled with sterile saltwater, saline implants are safer than silicone implants in the event of a leak. Also, a leak is more easily detected, since the implant would collapse noticeably. Silicone implants generally require an ultrasound or MRI screening to detect a leak, since they will not collapse. However, many patients believe silicone implants feel more natural to the touch. Implants are also categorized by shape, texture, and size, so your choices will include:

Round or Shaped

Round implants are uniformly shaped, while teardrop-shaped implants have more projection at the bottom and are tapered on top. Gummy bear implants are a third type of shaped silicone implant. Because they are made with cohesive silicone gel, this type of implant will not leak if ruptured. However, they have a firmer feel and breasts can appear unusually shaped if they shift out of position. Round implants pose no such concern.

Different Sizes

Breast implants are measured in volume of cubic centimeters (CCs). Since size is the most important aspect of your augmentation, the surgeon will work carefully to help you choose the size that will suit you best. You must also have enough breast tissue to accommodate the breast implant size you desire. Since CC’s are a different kind of measurement than cup size, you can try on sizers to get an idea of what will look best for you. Another way that breast implant sizes are measured refers to their profile. A higher implant profile means that the implant projects higher off the chest. This is determined by the width of the base. Higher profile implants have a smaller base than moderate profiles, which creates a more prominent silhouette.


Dr. Malek will choose whether general anesthesia or local anesthesia is best patient to patient. Breast implants have a few different methods when it comes to incision location and implant placement.


Patients can generally return to a desk job after about a week of proper recovery. Lifting and strenuous arm activity should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks. Discomfort may be experienced and will subside in about a week. However, the total amount of time needed for recovery depends greatly upon the method of implant placement used. Subglandular breast implant placement (the placement of implants above the pectoral muscle) involves a shorter recovery time than patients who undergo submuscular breast implant placement (the placement of implants underneath the pectoral muscle).


  • Am I a good candidate?

    Ideal candidates have realistic expectations for procedure, are in good medical health, can commit to proper recovery time, desire to add volume to disproportionately small breasts, restore balance to asymmetrical breasts, or simply create a more voluptuous contour.

  • How do I choose the best implant with so many options?

    It is best to schedule a consultation to decide on which implant is best for you as this procedure customized to the specific goals of the individual patient.

  • Is fat transfer a good alternative?

    Yes, fat transfer can be an excellent alternative for some people. Compared to implants, fat transfer can only make small volume adjustments and excellent shaping contours, which is why it is usually used in conjunction with breast implants or breast lift procedures. If you only want minimal increases in volume and desire a natural alternative to implants, then fat transfer may be for you.

  • How much does the procedure cost?

    Pricing varies based on body and skin types along with combined procedures performed. Please call or schedule a consultation for more information.

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