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A technique that is designed for exfoliating the surface of the skin and for removal of “peach fuzz.” It removes that top layer of dead skin cells, resulting in healthier looking skin. Your makeup will go on better and your skin will be smooth. This treatment is great for someone who has sensitive skin or facial hair that does not respond to laser hair removal. This is a “no down time” procedure and can be complemented with a facial treatment… the perfect combo for a special occasion.

Why A Dermaplane?

A Dermaplane is Easy To Work Into A Busy Lifestyle.

There is no downtime with a dermaplane — you’ll leave your appointment with a healthy glow and able to carry on with your regular activities. There are steps to ensure that your results are maximized. Following a post-procedure regimen will enhance your results. You should also avoid anything that causes sweating for 48 hours after treatment. We will give you more detailed instructions after your procedure, catered to your skin’s needs.

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