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Botox & filler

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Botox — when to start?

Considering getting Botox? Let’s go over the botox basics.

Downtime - No typical down time. Expect mild redness and possible bruising at injection sites.


How long does Botox last? — Botox typically lasts 4-6 months on average. We recommend returning for your next Botox treatment at the first sign of movement to maintain your harmonious and soft results.


When will the Botox take effect? — On average, Botox begins to take effect 3-5 days following injection. Your customized Botox treatment will reach its maximum effect at 2-3 weeks post injection.


When to start getting Botox? — the ideal time to start Botox varies person to person. Botox is best used to “PRE-juvenate” — or to prevent wrinkles from becoming deep-set/permanent at rest. Once your wrinkles become deep-set in, Botox can help soften those but will not erase them.


How much Botox will you need? — The amount of units Dr. Malek will recommend does vary. On average, most patients receive anywhere from 25-50 units every 4-6 months.




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