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Botox & Filler

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Botox & Filler

Patient 4

Where is Botox commonly injected? — 💉check out the soft & subtle expressions of this patient one week after Botox with Dr. Abdollah Malek.


1️⃣ The Frontalis (Forehead) — this muscle allows you to lift the brows upward when expressing, which causes horizontal wrinkles across the forehead over time.


2️⃣ The Glabellar Complex (11’s) — consists of a procerus and the corrugator muscle's on the left and right. The procerus allows you to flex the eyebrows together in the middle, while the corrugator enables you to angle the eyebrows downward. This muscle is activated when frowning, etc.


3️⃣ Orbicularis Oculi (Crows Feet) — this is a round muscle around the eye that, when flexed, will pull the lateral eyebrow downward. This muscle is activated when squinting, smiling, etc.


About the Patient —

Age: 48
Treatment: 35 units of Botox to the forehead, 11’s & crow's feet.


Every patient is different regarding the quantities of Botox needed for each indicated muscle location explicitly based on your muscle characteristics and aesthetic goals. A one-on-one consultation is required to establish a customized treatment plan.







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